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ARGOCAT TRAILER - specially designed for on road transport of the ARGO behind a van or 4x4 and for off-road use behind the ARGO.


Light yet high in carrying capacity trailer. 10ft x 5ft, twin axle, road lighting to UK regulations including side marker lights, full braking system, locking hitch, jockey wheel, 4ft loading ramp, 12 inch trailer sides, 2250kg capacity. Galvanised steel for durability. Size suitable for either 6x6 or 8x8 versions. Other trailer designs, multi-wheeled, lightweight and suitable to your exact specification available - email us with your requirement.


AVENGER plus 4wheel AMPHIBIOUS trailer system loaded on the transport trailer towed by a van or 4x4 vehicle - this is 16ft, lengths include 18ft and 20ft, tri-axle and tilt bed.