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2024 CONQUEST PRO 950 XT can be used to access remote areas all year round. Ideal as a maintenance vehicle to carry people and installation materials and as a customised platform for special equipment. 2024 CONQUEST PRO 950 XT is available with a choice of 18" wide quad band and dual band track systems, Warn multimount winch system, rear bench seat, half and full cab and numerous other accessories. Standard equipment includes 2 person ROPS frame, twin electric bilge pumps, 50mm tow hitch, heavy duty axles with reversible beadlock 25" steel rims.

ARGO XTI front

The 2024 CONQUEST PRO 950 XT compliments the ARGO range of 6x6 and 8x8 atvs produced by the Canadian firm of ODG..

ARGOCAT 8x8 CONQUEST PRO 950 XT amphibious without preparation, on water capacity up to two adults .


ARGOCAT 8x8 CONQUEST PRO 950 XThas eight 25" (635mm) diameter low pressure tyres to provide a light foot print on sensitive terrain resulting in low environmental impact, 2.8psi with tyres. The optional 18" wide rubber track system further reduces compaction down to a remarkable 1.06 psi when fully laden.

ARGOCAT 8x8 CONQUEST PRO 950 XT is designed for the job. Its low centre of gravity and light weight design make for safe operation in challenging terrain while providing 9.5 inches (230mm) of ground clearance at the centre of the vehicle.


ARGOCAT 8x8 CONQUEST PRO 950 XThas conventional a full compliment of controls and instrumentation, including water temperature, fuel guage, speedometer and odometer, Rev counter, ammeter, and warning lights for hand brake, oil pressure and engine management. Tried and trusted ARGO ADMIRAL transmission system, from the proven AVENGER and AURORA range, fully hydraulic steering and braking systems and a disc operated parking brake. Unique dual differential transmission design provides zero turning radius in LOW range with minimal engine power absorption and exceptional vehicle maneuverability and control in rough terrain. Two speeds forward and two speeds in reverse. Heavy Duty kevlar drive belt and 50AMP charging system compliment the overal standard specification of the ARGOCAT 8x8 CONQUEST PRO 950 XT.

Xti Cab

ARGOCAT 8x8 CONQUEST PRO 950 XTmeets current CE specification and EU regulations, with integral two seater ROPS roll over protection structure as standard with optional four seater ROPS and optional windscreen, TWO PERSON or FOUR PERSON cab. ROPS systems meets ISO5700 standard.

Red Xti

ARGOCAT 8x8 CONQUEST PRO 950 XT is versatile - readily adaptable rear cargo platform for passenger or load carrying requirements, the mounting of specialised equipment or a mid vehicle hitching point. Ideal for a Wild Fire Control Unit together with a demountable rear bench seat system.

Xti Rear Body

ARGOCAT 8x8 CONQUEST PRO 950 XT can be fitted with 18" wide rubber track system, cat-walk mudflap system and rear steel flatbed body with drop down sides.


ARGOCAT 8x8 CONQUEST PRO 950 XTis offered with a 40HP fuel injected Briggs& Stratton marine grade big block twin cylinder air cooled petrol engine. Vacuum formed lower hull and skid plate formed from high density polyethylene (HDPE). The frame is powder coated, 3 inch tubular steel of welded construction which is FEA analysed for strength and durability. Final drive system is RS60 HTi1 roller chains and eight 1.59" (40mm) diameter axles with taper roller bearings in an oil bath support for each axle. Maximum speed is 17mph on land. Load capacity 531kg (1500lbs) and a towing capacity of 907kg (2000lbs). 2024 Conquest PRO 950 XT fitted as standard with Argo super-traction XT119 tyres. Please note that Conquest PRO 950 XT is not amphibious when fitted with the track system or the steel rear body.