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ARGO 8x8 2019 AVENGER 800 Top of the Argo Range !

The Avenger!

Yes, this is the one to have, as supplied by us to Jeremy Clarkson international motoring journalist and television presenter of the iconic TOP GEAR motoring programme. The 2019 ARGOCAT AVENGER 800 is the most powerful of the UK model range ARGOCAT line up of amphibious all terrain vehicles. AVENGER 800 offers the ADMIRAL triple-diff gearbox, robust chassis and "easy-steer" control giving the operator smoother transition over all types of terrain. Designed for those who demand the best that will stand the test of time, the AVENGER is an amphibious, eight wheel drive, multi passenger vehicle that combines comfort and ruggedness with innovative and unique features including lower engine emissions, reduced vibration and enhanced performance from the 30HP fuel injected V twin petrol engine Kohler ELH775 engine. Avenger 800 fitted with heavy duty 1 3/8" diameter axles with multi-spline sprocket fitment. Reversible steel rims enable quicker and more convenient track system fitment. .

The all season AVENGER has extraordinary capabilities. It operates in most challenging terrain, including mud and mountains, snow and ice, sand and marsh, and will go across small bodies of water.

Avenger 8x8 Convertible Full Cab and Avenger 8x8with Half Cab.

The all wheel drive 2019 AVENGER 800 has a load capacity of up to 485kg and can tow up to 816kg. Power comes via a 747 cc four stroke unleaded petrol V twin liquid cooled engine the ELH775. This proven and reliable KOHLER engine features full pressure lubrication and combines strong smooth acceleration with low emmission. It uses unleaded petrol and the 30hp fuel injected unit has a three year Kohler warranty.

AVENGER 800 owners and their passengers will appreciate the vehicle's ample legroom, its ergonomic handlebar steering and the smooth ride. The AVENGER's excellent approach and departure angles make it easy to pursue the most adventurous of out door activities.

Eight ARGO RIBBED tyres put down the power to the ground responsibily. Their low ground pressure minimises the environmental footprint of the vehicle and protects the countryside. AVENGER offers ground clearance of 9.5 inches, hydraulic vented disc brakes, a 12 volt 40 amp hour charging circuit (optional alternator system as an extra) and a state of the art automatic high and low CVT transmission. AVENGER 800 has the ADMIRAL triple differental steering transmission and fully hydraulic braking system. All vehicle systems and components have been engineered to maximise durability and ease of maintenance. 2019 models fitted with new Argo "Easy-Steer" system for enhanced vehicle performance over all terrains and a top speed of 20 mph, were conditions allow.

Avenger  STX

AVENGER rear bench seat

2019 AVENGER 800 : ENGINE :


Avenger ROPS, winch and half cab