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Avenger with 4 seater ROPS system.

Tracked Avengers ready for winter, fitted with ROPS, Warn winch and utility half cab..

AVENGER 8x8 with ROPS and winch. Photo courtesy of Richard Stanton Photography.

AVENGER 8x8 with ROPS, winch, 18" rubber track system and amphibious trailer.

AVENGER 8x8 fitted with rear load liner, outboard motor mount and ROPS.

Argocat Frontier 8x8 fitted with ROPS in beach survey work.

AVENGER 8x8 with ROPS and Half Cab, rear hand rails Winch and 18" rubber track system..

XTI fitted with 18" wide track system, rear steel body with drop sides and 2 man cab

AVENGER fitted with rear liner, ROPS and Half Cab.

AVENGER fitted ROPS, winch and Wildfire Control Unit.

Walsh & Co Ltd ARGOCAT 8x8 Hire Unit, ROPS and load liner. We hire a range of Argocat 8x8 units with and without tracks and with and without cabs. Contact us with your requirements.

AVENGER 8x8 fitted with full convertible hood and fold down windscreen.

AVENGER with ROPS and full fixed cab system.

AVENGER 750HDi - all argocat vehicles are available to order in yellow.

Avenger fitted Half Cab on road transport trailer.

FRONTIER 6x6 fitted with convertible hood and fold down windscreen.

Avenger with Amphibious Trailer on road trailer.

2013 February Snow Drifts - Argocat 8x8 Titan Xti gets through !

AVENGER HD/HDI range dashboard controls.

Rear bench seat system available all 8x8 Argocat vehicles, four forward facing seats all with safety belts in a ROPS safety frame.

Detail of Multi Mount Electric Winch Kit.

Avenger 8x8 with ROPS and four forward facing seats and safety belts. This vehicle is also registered for the road.

Year 2000 : Beach Rescue Vehicle for RNLI in Orange/Red - ROPS, winch, road lighting kit, front and rear work lights, front towing eye, mirrors, fire extinguisher.

Argocat 8x8 Titan Xti .

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